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Born in Munich’s Schwabing borough, Eva painted and drew under the guidance of her father Alexander since early childhood. Between 1942-45 she studied at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts under the Professors Mayrshöfer, Kaspar and Gött.

The Mediterranean light becomes a central motif on many trips. Eva prefers a light palette in oil. Despite the romance, your pictures always appear fresh and moving. In her water colours there is sometimes a surprising delicacy. Most of the time the artist dedicates her works to nature, landscapes and still life. All of her works exude poetry and belief in life. In Eva's works we can follow the development of her style from the 1950s to the 2000s.

Eva wants to convey joy and optimism. Eva’s personality was very similar to the way she painted. She was the center of our family because of her gentleness.

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